Verified, trusted darknet links how to access tor network via tor browser

Darknet. A hidden network inside the Internet that is not visible in the usual ways. It works on the same principles as the TOR-network,you can get into it only through TOR. This network was deliberately created hidden and anonymous, so that no one could establish censorship or restrict the activities of participants.

The meaning of the darknet is anonymity, but the network itself does not automatically guarantee anonymity. To comply with it, one use of TOR is not enough. A person can leave some data about himself on the forum that can reveal his real identity, or download a Trojan that will follow him. In this regard, the darknet is exactly the same as the regular Internet - the more you post data about yourself, the easier it is to calculate you.

How it works

Most often this is entered through the Tor browser, so most sites on the darknet are located in the pseudo-domain .onion. Pseudodomain means that in fact there is no such domain on the Internet, but within the darknet they can be accessed.

For example, if you enter the address of http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page in a regular browser, you will get an error because dns servers do not know how to handle this domain. And if you enter the same address in the Tor browser, the HiddenWiki - Wikipedia window for the darknet will appear. There's nothing forbidden about it, it just tells you where to go if you first went to the darknet:

Darknet links are usually placed on shared hosting, which is easy to start or just as easy to change if it is required to maintain anonymity. For the same reason, some of the darknet links do not work on the darknet, because the hosting sites where these sites were hosted has closed or moved to a new address. Therefore, in the darknet, links directories are popular - special thematic collections of sites from which users choose the right ones. HiddenWiki is also an example of such a directory.

Search engines are also there, but they do not work as cool as Yandex or Google. The fact is that in the darknet much is hidden from indexing and is available only through a darknet links. Examples of search engines from there are TORCH and Seeks.

What's inside

The darknet can be divided into two parts: sites with texts and forums without censorship of any government and darknet stores selling anything. There are many trading sites, and they most often offer something illegal. We will not list, not small.

Darknet and cryptocurrency

Since 2014, the darknet has grown several times thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Before that, the payment mechanism inside was complex, and many people were stopped. Bitcoin lowered the threshold for entering the paid darknet and made it available to almost everyone.
Now almost everything that happens inside the darknet is paid for with bitcoins. There are even separate bitcoin exchanges with simplified registration to leave as few electronic traces as possible.

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