Darknet market list and how to navigate in the darknet all in one article

Darknet is the real, dark side of the Internet. It's a hotbed of murderers and drug bosses! You'd be surprised what people get up to there

Crowds of fence-sitters and scammers scroll through the darknet. They sell illegal software, drugs, weapons, stolen identities or portal accounts. Anything one wants. However, you have no assurance that you will get any product once you pay the right amount. And in that market there are no complaints. The offer of illegal means is very extensive.
There are claims of human trafficking, organ trafficking and contract killings. However, mainly fencing, scammers and swindlers do business there. Because you don't have the option of reporting a case to the police. Although services from all over the world watch what happens in the darknet, but because of encryption and anonymity, reaching criminals is very difficult, an borderline impossible.

A very important currency on the darknet is bitcones, which can be used to pay anonymously. Anonymous payment cards are also used. Like everything forbidden darknet attracts people especially young people. Driver's licenses, ID cards, money and even explosives and weapons. These can all be obtained on the darknet.
Although accessing the darknet is not illegal and not too difficult, it is better not to risk being dragged by one's gullibility into serious crimes or falling prey to scammers.

Darknet for everyone!

The relative sense of freedom, however, apparently stirs the imagination of criminals who previously could only dream of making money "safely" yet illegally. Thanks to this desire, newer and newer developments in the field of cryptology are being created. The TOR network as well as its community is constantly growing, as special services and law enforcement agencies are not indifferent to this development - users are coming up with more and more new ways to avoid the traps set by law enforcement officers on the hidden Internet. Contrary to popular opinion, finding any "Dark market" is not difficult. For that, it is very easy to fall into the trap of swindlers and scammers. Their presence on the hidden Internet is not lacking. Sites pretending to be real are paradoxically more there than the real ones. It is for this reason that before simply registering you should check on forums whether the site is not a so-called scam.

Taking Empire Market as an example, one of the sites that prides itself on the trust of its users, it can be firmly stated that many TOR users, after the closure of the giants of the market, do not give a damn about the threats of representatives of the law. The site has protections against robots, so in order to open it at all one must rewrite the captcha code. Then the site appears, however, only registered users have access to the content. The site does not differ in appearance from those we know from the classic Surface web, registration is also similar. The only thing that may make it different from the web services is the pin code, which is necessary for shopping on the hidden web. No e-mail address, no residential address is required. The complexity of the whole system can be seen in the message that appears after registering a new account. Jesto is a memory code, a set of words that are used to verify identity in case the password is lost or forgotten. This is extremely important, as it is the last resort when regaining access to an account. Losing a password and thus access to an account in extreme cases results in the loss of all the funds stored there. Empire Market has chosen a well-known payment system, not dissimilar to the one known since the early days of Dark markets. Although the whole environment is constantly evolving, the payment system basically remains the same.

To search for various sites in the darknet there are a large number of sites called Darknet market list where you can find other more interesting links on top of marketplaces

Here is the most up-to-date for this day darknet market list.

Silk Road 4 Market - The name Silk Road has become synonymous with buying drugs on the internet. Older Silk Road marketplaces have been closed down, however, every now and then, a new one with a similar name pops up.

Amazon Gift Cards Shop- This Service is for those who want to Achieve Financial Freedom in a Simple and Cost-Effective manner. You can choose from Millions of items Storewide. Amazon Gift Cards Never Expire, so you can buy something Immediately or wait for that sale of a Lifetime.

Light Money -The Most Reliable and Fastest Store of Prepaid Cards, PayPal and WU Transfers, as well as Gift Cards.

Plastic Market - They sell Counterfeit Banknotes from Peru | Cloned Credit Cards from USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe | Paypal Accounts from USA and Europe | Bank Accounts from USA and Europe.

MILLIONAIR Private Club - This website for to buying the carding products! We provide an excellent opportunity to make big money for people from all over the world!

CLONED CARDS CENTER -  They are a group of international Carders and Money Cleaning Experts. We working almost 24/7 to provide you with the best Money service here on the Darknet. They have been online since 2016 selling Cards and growing everyday.

CaveTor - Dark social network - Dark social network - Cave Tor. The people in the dark Internet. Marketplace - buy Cloned Card Drugs Money Porn. Design your blog. Keep the photos and archives. Questions and answers of the dark web. News tor and the deep forum.


This is how you can search the Darknet

. URLs in Onion domains are often very long and consist of cryptographic letters and characters that are not easy to remember.  In addition to darknet market lists, there are so-called darknet search engines where a lot of good and unnecessary junk is collected.Through Google, you can find a lot of domains and the name of the TOR page with the search term onion attached to it, since Google, in turn, gets them from documents on the visible Internet, such as hidden Wiki.
Hiden Wiki knows many pages about the Darknet

You can easily access the Darknet with the Tor browser

The easiest way to access the Darknet is the Tor browser package, which you can download for free. The software is available for installation and also in portable version.

The Tor browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, so it is no different from other browsers. The Tor browser separates the Internet pages separately, so the tracking elements and cookies of the providers cannot track the user while surfing. Cookies and browser history are also deleted when the Tor browser is closed. After installing and launching the browser, it will be connected to the Tor network and a review page with the connection status will be displayed.

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