Carding forum list – guarantors of carding forums illegal transactions

Carding forums guarantors are scams. There are a great many of them on the Internet. Scammers call themselves part of the Darknet. Usually, Dark Web sites don't open on Google, but our crooks don't hide much. What do they do? Breaking the law. At the same time, they manage to throw even their own customers. But first things first.

What does it offer? A lot of illegal goods and services. For example, fake licenses of law enforcement officers, diplomas, driver's licenses, weapons, equipment for half price and so on. Criminals also propose to become a drop - a "figurehead" who performs the functions of an intermediary in fraudulent transactions, when it is necessary to cover their tracks, cash out money or legalize goods and not substitute real performers. Even crooks sell all sorts of "secret" schemes of earning on the casino and other methods of extracting money from nowhere. Naturally, they are all non-working. You should not buy them, because all this is a hoax. In addition, I saw ads for HYIPprojects and other financial pyramids. All in all, complete darkness. They create a fake carding forum list and post their fraudulent sites there. The carding forum list is not good enough as you can see a lot of scam projects there

How is my ad published? It's that simple. The advertiser registers on the forum and publishes his offer. Promotion is paid.

In order to increase confidence in the seller, the administration of the forum offers to make a deposit. That is, to replenish the account for a certain amount, which will act as collateral.

In addition, there is a system of guarantees. How does it work?


1) buyer I(nick), seller (nickname)

2) buy: goods, services.

3) I make a contribution to the guarantor: 300$

4) the seller receives money from the guarantor, only after I receive my goods, services.

Exposing the project

Can the carding forum list be trusted? No. For in reality, the administration of the forum does not guarantee anything to anyone. Their rules say.

That is, you are not promised that the goods or services advertised on the forum, you will receive. And paragraph 2.6. actually drove me into a stupor. Every day the carding forum list is almost impossible to renew.

But even if you find a seller who will fulfill all the terms of the transaction, do not forget that it is illegal. Sooner or later, law enforcement officers will knock on your door and have to answer to Themis. If you think that this cup will pass you by, I hasten to upset you. Yes, the detection of crimes committed online is not at a high level. But periodically, the police show the class. For example, in 2013, Ross Ulbrecht, the owner of the largest illegal drug market Silk Road, was arrested. The criminal used the TOR browser and went online through a VPN channel, because he knew that he was being searched. He tried to minimize the digital presence on the Internet. He was found anyway. The carding forum list is a chance for the administrators of the carding forums to promote their sites through these sites

The carding forum doesn't even hide. It is easy to find on the Internet, and therefore all forum members too.

Possible losses on the project

Total:calculation of possible losses on the project - any amount.

Conclusion about the project

Carding forum guarantors - murky sites for the sale of unclear what. There is no guarantee that you will receive the goods that you ordered. But even if the deal goes well, in the future the police will knock on your door. These forums are not secure. However, the administration has nothing to think about security, since most of its participants are kidals. Who will go to complain about them to law enforcement?

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