Facts why it’s so easily buy credit card online with darknet markets

The darknet market is an unregulated environment. Even if you buy a legal product, you risk losing money.

Like silk

The dark history of cryptocurrencies begins on the shadow internet. Now known to wide circles closed Silk Road - darknet marketplace, specializing in the sale of psychoactive substances and other prohibited by law goods, was one of the first who offered to buy goods for bitcoins. This greatly expanded the possibilities of shadow markets. Subsequently, more and more online platforms began to support payment with cryptocurrency, and the cryptocurrencies themselves acquired a dubious reputation in the eyes of uninitiated users. It is not difficult to guess that among the goods of mass use, prohibited for purchase, the most popular product is psychoactive substances.

Another type of product that is indirectly associated with the first (in English, the word Drugs means both drugs and psychoactive substances) is pharmacological drugs. If the first type of goods is predominantly negative, then pharmaceuticals can not only benefit, but also save lives. The darknet allows you to get goods for cryptocurrency that are necessary for treatment, but they are difficult or almost impossible to get legally. In other cases, it is possible to purchase analogues of expensive drugs, cheaper, but not certified.


In darknet you can also buy a credit card online, which allows you to be as anonymous as possible. After buying the card online, people send the buyer a photo of the location where they hid the card in their city, and the buyer quietly goes and takes their order.

Stolen goods

The second most popular area of the darknet is money laundering. The dark internet is full of cybercriminals, carders and scammers who offer to get stolen goods and money in exchange for cryptocurrency. So the scammer gets clean digital money, and the buyer receives money that needs to be washed, but in an amount many times higher than the amount of payment. As for the goods: the buyer receives the original product, but for a smaller amount.

Currently, buying accounts with balances or transferring a sum of money for cryptocurrency is one of the most popular and sought-after offers in the shadow market. For example, Armor analysts recorded a case where a user purchased $ 10,000, paying only $ 800 in bitcoin equivalent, which is only 8% of the amount. You can buy credit card online not even in darknet but in a free internet it is called the clean internet. There are a lot of carding sites out there.

Not always the purchase of accounts is associated with criminal activity. You can purchase a card or account of the payment system to make a purchase, which you would like to keep secret for ethical reasons. Another way to buy a credit card online is through carding forums, where you will be paying for cryptocurrency.

This includes coupons for discounts in various stores. Some users may not need coupons, but stores do not allow them to be exchanged for money. For half the price, you can sell a coupon to customers interested in the assortment of a particular store. Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies are actively fighting with this filth buy credit cards online every day is becoming easier goods and services do not calculate calculator.

Exotic goods

The shipment of some rare goods is considered smuggling, so such products, basically, can be bought only on the darknet. For example, animals listed in the Red Book or art objects.

One of the brightest representatives of exotic goods is the horn of a black rhino. It is believed that it has miraculous power, especially for men. The price of such luxury reaches $ 300,000, since it is very difficult to get a horn. Black rhinos are in reserves under reliable protection.

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