Dark web links search engines, dark web marketplaces how can I find them?

In the opinion of conspiracy theorists, many things and processes are hidden from our gaze. This idea can also be rightly applied on the Internet, where the average person "sees" only a few 5% of the "surface" web resources. The rest is hidden in its depths, often called the "deep web". The deep web is not indexed by standard search engines, and its resources are accessible only to connoisseurs. In the vast expanse of the deep web, there is a hate-inducing segment where you can buy weapons, interact with hackers and criminals, and perform various illegal activities, all in incognito mode. How do you get to the Darknet and what do you need to do? We will tell you about this in our material.

A little bit about the Darknet

As you know, the Darknet (from the "darknet") - is a section of the "Deep Web", which contains a lot of hidden and illegal resources. It is not indexed by ordinary search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing), and the usual browser displays an error message when accessing it.

The core of the Darknet is anonymity. When entering, it is necessary to go into incognito mode and use a special means of protection. It's important that you can trick your ISP's tracking tools and prevent them from detecting that you're visiting the Darknet. How to do it? We'll tell you then.

How to enter the closed virtual network Darknet

To enter the Darknet, you need to follow the list of actions. It is important to understand the meaning of the latter and follow them as closely as possible. Failure to do this can have unpleasant consequences that should be avoided.

Do the following:

  1. Download and install VPN on your system. Topvpnsoftware.com currently has the best VPNs available. However, no one forbids you to install the software you like. Please note that VPN software must be installed on your operating system, not as a browser extension. After installation, activate the software and select another country as your primary location.
  2. Download and install Tor Browser. This browser is our main tool to access the Darknet. Once you launch the browser, you will be ready to visit limited resources (which we will come to later). Close all non-Tor browsers.

Download and Install Tor Browser

  1. Launch your Tor and disable JavaScript (the latter will allow you to identify the user on the network). To do this, enter the command tor in the address bar about: config and press enter. When confirmation appears, confirm your desire to change the browser settings. In the window that opens, type javascript.enable in this search box and press Enter. The found identical parameter is displayed below. Hover over it, click on the PKM and select "Toggle". The "true" parameter changes to "false".
  2. Do not change the size of the Tor window while browsing the Darknet. In some cases, resizing the window helps intelligence agencies and ISPs identify a person's identity on the Darknet.
  3. Disconnect the webcam or cover the view with tape (ordinary black electrical tape works). Accessing a webcam is easier than you think. We recommend doing the same with a microphone.
  4. Never use your real name, photos, email, or even default passwords on a dark web. All these things can fall into the wrong hands. Use an anonymous email account without linking it to your phone number.

Resources for visiting a closed network

On the Darknet, you will not find web resources with standard com, ru or network extensions. The websites here have the .onion extension because they use the same "onion routing" used by the Tor browser to access them.

Also, you will not find standard search engines of the Google or Yandex level on the Darknet. Dark web links directory.

  • Ahmia - Darknet search engine is the best and where there is really little trash only good dark web links

  • Titan-XMPP - You can use the anonymous jabber server for discreet correspondence

  • Cock.li - the most excellent darknet email service

  • Underdir - Here you will find hundreds of working darknet links excellent directory of darknet links

The quality of these searches is much lower than that of Google and other colleagues to which you are accustomed. Please keep this in mind.

Other dark web links are:



In our article, we have explained how to enter a closed Darknet network and what is the sequence of actions for registering in such a closed network segment. Be sure to use a VPN when accessing the Darknet. This prevents you from being identified by the service provider or third parties. Also keep in mind that all actions performed must be performed in incognito mode, without disclosing your personal data to anyone.

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