Buy credit card balance on darknet market how much secure do this?

Various studies of darknet layers show that you can already buy various malicious programs for hacker attacks for just a few dollars. Of course, malicious programs can now be bought anonymously. But do they know how to use these programs rationally so that they are not caught.

On the dark web, there is such a concept, also associated with negative actions, called carding. And those who are engaged in such activities are called carders. So they steal personal data of people and sell it on the darknet, for example.

I can buy credit card balance on the darknet without any problems. It's easy and simple in just a couple of clicks.

 I think that not everyone knows about it!Some time ago, such knowledge was accumulated over the years. A potential hacker had to be incredibly experienced.

Now everything has become simpler, and for a few dollars you can already buy almost ready-made instructions for carrying out certain actions.Numerous studies of the most popular darknet sites have clearly shown that the shadow economy has become much more accessible, and the various barriers that operated then are now simply erased.barkers can easily access illegal things.

 If earlier even through the darknet to do it was not so easy, now all the different facets are simply erased, and anyone can do it. In general, this picture is very depressing.Malware. Studies have shown that one of the most popular products was remote access Trojans such as RAT. Such malware on the darknet can be bought for an average of $ 9.7. Agree, very affordable. Buy credit card balance it is not punishable by law and it is illegal you spend other people's money you must realize that you are committing an attack.

This type of Trojan allows hackers to remotely control a potential victim's computer. In fact, with the help of these programs, hackers can do everything from stealing personal data, and ending even with tracking through webcams.

Using these programs is very simple, and even taking into account the fact that there are a large number of instructions for them. Theoretically, any "schoolboy" can buy a similar program and use it. Of course, there is a high probability that he will be caught, but how many things he will have time to do through this program.

It is noteworthy that now even similar programs for Android OS have appeared. That is, theoretically, even the victim's phone could be at risk. In general, given the availability this kind of program, the trend is far from rosy.

PHISHING. Who does not know, phishing to this day remains a favorite tool for many hackers. Phishing is the creation of a complete copy of the official page of a well-known site. Victims who do not suspect anything enter their personal data on a phishing site, which enters the hands of attackers. Sell and buy credit card balance on the dark web can be said to be the most common type of activity. Think twice before buying or selling credit cards.


No wonder that now in the darknet you can already buy copies of official sites of various brands prepared for work. The joke is that the prices are very humane. For example, a phishing page of a well-known smartphone manufacturer, for example, Samsung, will cost a hacker an average of $ 5. A full instruction on how to work with such sites costs an average of $ 2.5.

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